Get real-time wellbeing data about your entire school or district to make more informed decisions!

Real-time insights on your school wellbeing combined with top-level research empowers you to run your school(s) with a new level of information to support decision-making

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Stay informed. Stay on the pulse of how your school & district is currently feeling and how their wellbeing is developing.


Get proactive insight. Make better pedagogical decisions from insights and get a deeper understanding with MyQuestions. 


Support wellbeing and learning. Utilize our Wellbeing Cards and Lesson Plans in your school & district.

The essential empowering benefits & features of School Day

Real time Analytics and smart insights


School Day provides schools with anonymous, real-time student data is presented in the School Day Insights Tool for each group and for each school. You will also see the development of various wellbeing phenomena in your schools over time.


Overarching views on different phenomenon with our Wellbeing Cards


School Day Wellbeing Model is based on extensive research in Educational Psychology and Health Sciences. Together with the leading universities in Finland, the US and China we have developed a model that measures, analyses and explains student wellbeing with the help of unique AI designed by our research team.

Track the development of wellbeing in your school(s) and district for better long-term planning


School Day provides unique possibilities for schools to support leadership and make pedagogical decisions, as well as School Day data can be combined with other available data from different student information systems.

Giving students a voice increases wellbeing and decreases bullying in schools. Wellbeing in turn enhances student engagement and learning results. 

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Why Get School Day?


There is significant value in improving wellbeing in your class and school

Improved Performance

  •  0,2 - 0,5 GPA improvements in 12 months
  •  14% improvements in learning skills 
and motivation

Save Money

  •  100K€ Annual savings by reduced absences & dropouts
  •   6K€ Savings by replaced outdated survey & monitoring tools

Save Time & Resources

  •  Less manual administrative work with data automation
  •  More time for leadership & teaching by early sign indicators



Our annual licenses includes access to all features, materials and support without any hidden costs.


Individual Schools

Small school$4,000 / 12 months

Up to 499 students

Medium school$8,000 / 12 months

500-999 students

Large school$12,000 / 12 months

1000-2000 students

Districts, Municipalities & School Chains

Less than 5000 students$10 / Annual, per user
5000-9999 students$9 / Annual, per user
10000-49999 students$8 / Annual, per user
50 000-100 000 students$7 / Annual, per user
Over 100 000 students$6 / Annual, per user

The power behind School Day

Based on Extensive Research


School Day Wellbeing Model is developed together with the leading universities in Finland, United States and China and it is based on extensive research in Educational Psychology and Health Sciences.

Psychology + AI Modeling


School Day's AI-based Wellbeing Model analyzes, explains and develops student wellbeing for better learning, giving teachers and school leaders real-time insights into students' wellbeing.

The School Day SEL & Wellbeing Model


School Day Wellbeing solution gives students a voice and creates a sense of belonging while enhancing school engagement, which enables more effective learning.


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We Support Student Wellbeing and Social-Emotional Learning.

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