This is how School Day works

School Day is designed for engaging school communities

to better wellbeing and social emotional learning.

By amplifying students’ voice, schools and teachers get

valuable insights for better pedagogical decision-making

and timely interventions.

Works on Any Device

Student native app and web interface. Inclusive access for every student. School and teacher web interfaces. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Safe & Anonymous

Designed for full anonymity and privacy. Always safe without any profiling. Analytics and insights on class and school level. 
Best in class data storage and safety.

Fast & Easy

Daily 30 second student wellbeing questions and check-ins. Easy and instant insights for school leaders and teachers to monitor, act and adjust each school day.

The Student App

Students have an easy to use Mobile- and Web App

through which we collect wellbeing data.

Student home

Students see what’s new in wellbeing. An overview of their own profile, level progress and quick access to daily wellbeing check-ins.

Daily wellbeing questions

Students get 10 new, research-based questions waiting for them each morning. They can reflect and react to the questions at any time during the school day.

Feedback cards

Everyday cards based on student wellbeing reponses providing them with tips and ideas on wellbeing and social and emotional learning. Generated and visualized safely by the School Day AI.


Our channel for school updates and messages. Keeping everyone in the school informed and engaged to wellness and SEL.

School & Classroom Insights

Access School Day Insights from any web browser or Microsoft Teams

to see the wellbeing pulse of your classroom or school.

Wellbeing Cards

See the wellbeing pulse of your school and classrooms. The School Day phenomena cards provide an instant overview of which wellbeing topics are trending among your students. Three positives, and three areas for special attention, are always highlighted for you.

KPI’s and indicators

Instant overview on four key wellbeing areas - Learning, Social and emotional skills, Social relationships and Wellbeing. See the overall status and changes from the previous week.

Trends and insights

See the changes and improvements over time. Compare your classroom wellbeing with school averages.

Individual questions

Drill down to wellbeing areas of interest to check details and averages of single student questions. See how the responses are distributed in your classroom or school.

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The power behind School Day

Based on extensive research


School Day Wellbeing Model is developed together with the leading universities in Finland, United States and China and it is based on extensive research in Educational Psychology and Health Sciences.

Psychology + AI Modeling


School Day's AI-based Wellbeing Model analyzes, explains and develops student wellbeing for better learning, giving teachers and school leaders real-time insights into students' wellbeing.

The School Day SEL & Wellbeing Model


School Day Wellbeing solution gives students a voice and creates a sense of belonging while enhancing school engagement, which enables more effective learning.